Diagnostic Evaluation A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is the first step towards determining the nature and the severity of the problems. Our therapists and psychiatrists will conduct a psychiatric assessment that includes understanding the current problem, medical history, pertinent details from the past, social and family information, as well as direct observations during the assessment process. This diagnostic evaluation determines the accurate diagnosis and is thus a crucial component in recommending the appropriate level of care, options of evidence based treatment modalities, and the individualized treatment goals.

Medication Management
Our psychiatrists provide medication management by prescribing the appropriate medications, providing education to patients, ensuring patient compliance with a medication regimen, and monitoring the potential side effects from medications. The important goal of medication management is to achieve definitive outcomes that improve a patient’s quality of life. Our psychiatrists at CBHS use their clinical judgment and expertise to choose the right medications to benefit patients by reducing or eliminating debilitating symptoms and thus helping them function at their fullest potential.


Adult Therapy
Our psychologists & therapists help individuals to explore and improve their emotional, behavioral, and relationship functioning. Our psychologists work with you to understand your challenges and establish a positive therapeutic relationship that will help you achieve your goals.

Adolescent Therapy
Our licensed, compassionate therapists are willing to offer services to the young adult who may be struggling with common reasons such as relationship issues, stress from college, anger, problems with substance use, depression, anxiety, and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Child Therapy
Like adults, children with emotional difficulties often benefit significantly when helped to understand their feelings and experiences. However, due to developmental reasons, many children are better able to express themselves through imaginary play, drawing, games, and other symbolic activities rather than through purely verbal discussions. Our experienced psychologists incorporate the techniques of creative art therapy and or play therapy to facilitate treatment for children as young as five years of age.

Couples Therapy
Our couple's counselors provide relationship therapy. It is the process of counseling the parties in a relationship with an effort to recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress.

Family Therapy
Every family is a unique combination of people, with its own structure, values, and goals. During times of stress or transition, families find it challenging to resolve conflicts on their own. Some common struggles families experience are child behavioral problems, loss of a loved one, blending families and step parenting, divorce, substance abuse, eating disorders, or coping with other mental health issues. Our therapists strive to connect with each member of the family and work to change the family dynamic to strengthen and create healthy family relationships, improve communication, and reduce conflict.


Psychological testing is a relatively short-term intervention in which specific, standardized procedures are utilized to answer a particular clinical question. Regardless of the testing measures used, the process always involves an initial intake interview, test administration session(s), time for the evaluator to review and interpret the obtained data, and a face-to-face “feedback” session in which the results and recommendations for care are discussed. Most often, individuals pursue psychological testing in order to receive diagnoses of psychological disorders, emotional disorders, behavioral disorders, learning problems, or some combination of these conditions.

Once the principal problems are identified, recommendations for further treatment and other adjunctive services (e.g. school accommodations) are offered. A report or other documentation of the test findings (e.g. summary letter) is furnished to the patient (or requesting party). The type of documentation, when it can be provided, and the manner in which it is provided (e.g. in person or via mail) will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Once the document is furnished, the testing process is complete.

We offer a variety of testing services, some of which are:

• IQ Testing

• Educational Testing

• Developmental Testing

• Personality Testing

• Social/Emotional Testing


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